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Blowing CertainTeed Insulation

certainteed insulafe blow certainteed insulationThe type of insulation you choose is important. Your choice will determine how well you keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. In the summer, you want to keep the hot air out and the cool air in. In the winter, you want to keep the cool air out and the warm air in. Effective insulation will not only keep you comfortable but also keep your energy bills low. The better the temperature is regulated in your home thanks to your insulation, the less you will need to use your HVAC systems. A good insulation will keep the outside noise out of your home as well.

There are a few different types of insulation to choose from:

  • Fiber Glass – Probably the most popular choice. Fiber glass insulation seems to be the best at temperature regulation and noise control.  It is also made of recyclable material and is eligible for the Energy Property tax credit.
  • Spray Foam – This one is popular because it is easy to apply. Just point and spray. The insulation fills up holes and cracks well.
  • Mold Preventative – This option is particularly strong at keeping moisture – and thus, mold — out of your walls and ceilings.
  • Mechanical & Industrial – This type is great at absorbing noise and preventing bacterial growth.

Roxul Insulation

Roxul insulation is made from stone wool, not glass. That means no itch! It is also fire resistant, water resistant, and sound dampening.               roxul




Many people are opting for drywall over other types of wallboard (such as plaster or wood paneling) because of its smooth surface, sound control ability, and longer durability.

Your drywall can have a particular strength, such as moisture and mold prevention or air quality control, or it can be a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak. We will help you choose the drywall that fits your needs and budget, and the related products needed for installation, such as joint compound, surface coatings, corner beads, and reinforcement tapes.