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Exploding Targets

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1#     $8.50

3#     $20.75

5#     $29.95

10#    $49.95


Mixing Instructions:

  1. Empty contents into mixing container. (small white balls)
  2. Pour catalyst into mixing container. (aluminum powder)
  3. Secure lid and shake, make sure every ball is covered with powder.
  4. Always place target at least 100 yards away from the shooter and/or spectators.

Use one full packet of powder for each 1 pound target.

Safety Information:

  • Treat all binary targets with respect. Misuse of binary targets could result in serious injuries or death.
  • Place 1 pound target at least 100 yards away. If shooting more than 1 pound, the target will have to be farther down range.
  • Remember, the legal use of binary targets is a shot indicator.
  • DO NOT transport target once mixed. Mixed targets MUST be shot on site.
  • Always wear ear and eye protection.
  • Use in remote area, and respect local noise ordinances.
  • Never place target inside or near anything which could send shrapnel flying.