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Lumber Lift

Lumber Lift

Lumber Stacks

Lumber Stacks

When purchasing lumber, consider which species works best for your project. The species of wood is the type of tree the wood comes from. Different species have different appearances and qualities, so your chocies may vary depending on what you are doing. For example, redwood, cedar, and cypress hardwood are all naturally resistent to decay, which is why they are often chosen by outdoor projects such as decks. Oak, maple, cherry wood, and hickory are popular choices for cabinets because they have attractive appearances for various types of kitchens and bathrooms.


Lumber is graded at the mill according to quality and is stamped with their identifiers. The more knots and other imperfections there are, the lower the grade.  There are different grading processes for different types of species.

Regular vs. Treated Lumber

Regular lumber is essentially lumber in its natural state. No chemicals have been added. This type of lumber is great for people who are worried about contact with children, animals, plants, and ground water. Treated lumber, which has been treated with chemicals to increase durability and decay resistance, might be the better choice if you are worried about environmental effects such as termites and humidity.

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